IGBT Inverter Unit Warranty:

All new TrusTMIG IGBT based inverter units (welders, plasma cutters and multi-process units) shall be warrantied to the original owner against breakage, malfunction or failure resulting from manufacture defect for a period of 14months from the date of shipment. This warranty covers exclusively parts and labor during the warranty period. This warranty is non transferrable unless a specific exception is made in writing by Beijing Aland Welding. Non-functioning or damaged units shall be repaired or replaced free of charge at the repair facility designated by Beijing Aland Welding. Aland Welding, at its' discretion, may opt to refund the purchase price (minus shipping costs and depreciation due to use and wear.) The customer is responsible for all shipping costs and insurance associated with items that are covered under warranty. No later than one week after the problem/failure is observed, the customer must contact the technical support team to review the claim so that the warranty process can be established. Items such as electrodes, contact tips, nozzles, cups, shields, liners, etc., considered to be consumable items, are NOT under warranty except for defect in workmanship. Additionally, certain items such as torches, foot pedals, switches, cables, etc. may be individually exchanged without returning the entire unit assembly should a failure with these items occur, at Aland Welding's discretion. Beijing Aland Welding will not be responsible for time/contract loss or delay from unit failure, damages occured from improper or unskilled operation, damages resulting from improper maintenance, improper wiring, poor quality power sources, abuse or neglect. Nor will Beijing Aland Welding assume responsibility for the customer's failure to heed/read safety instructions, to read and understand operator's manual, obey occupational laws or to ensure the unit's safe operation complies with national, state or local laws, personal injury arising from the inherent risks involved with welding or plasma cutting, including burns, electric shock or death. The 14months warranty extends only to the machine itself. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

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